Awards Terms & Conditions

Award Terms:

Submission Requirements:

  1. Submit high-resolution project images (visualizations for concept proposals accepted), with a minimum width of 3500 pixels.
  2. Maintain anonymity by excluding design practice names on materials.
  3. Include one PDF with relevant drawings and a brief promotional video.

Payment and Finalization:

  1. Pay and submit once steps two and three are completed.
  2. Entries are finalized upon AIDW receiving payment from your association.
  3. Entry fees apply to all categories.
  4. A 30% discount is available for members of participating design organizations.
  5. Two fees apply if entering the same project in multiple categories.

Confirmation and Withdrawal:

  1. Each submission and payment is confirmed through an emailed receipt. Retain a copy for reference.
  2. Withdrawal requests, with a $10 (Kes. 1,470) administration charge, are accepted until two weeks before the submission deadline (31, July 2024).
  3. No withdrawals are allowed after this date.